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weigh_it's Journal

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This is a RPG based on the movie The Faculty. Events are set prior to the aliens, and the tone is dark. Think of wax_jism's brilliant Void and you get the idea.

1. No players under the age of eighteen are allowed. This decision was made based on legal considerations and also the personal preference of the mod. Please do not ask me to make an exception. I won’t. Of course, you could always lie to me and get in, but if you do, and I find out, you will be removed from the game. Please - just don't do it.

2. Please be considerate of the other muns whenever possible by working out major actions in advance with them so that you don't inadvertently trample plotlines. We all make mistakes sometimes and schedules being what they are, miscommunications can happen. But please try.

3. I understand that your character is not you, and your character may do things that are adversarial to another character. That's fine as it regards plot development, and is in fact necessary so that the game isn't boring - also, if you've worked these things out the other muns involved, there should be no problem. However, I have seen instances where personal feelings were carried over into an RPG. Using your character to abuse/express personal antipathy towards another mun will NOT be tolerated. Any such issues brought before the mod will be dealt with swiftly and impartially.

4. This game is not a one-character show. It's designed to be an ensemble production. Some characters will naturally evolve into key players, and some muns, due to time constraints, will prefer to remain part-time or peripheral characters. Still, it is an ensemble, and while you can’t please all of the people all of the time, I count it a priority that everyone involved is enjoying the game. Otherwise, why play? And a key factor in achieving that is not engaging in diva-like behavior. So check your egos at the door, people.

5. Slash, het, and gen are acceptable. Setting is senior year for the students, and all characters are to be at least seventeen years old.

6. Along the lines of "no slapstick", I do not allow pet journals. Your character may have all the pets you want, but they cannot have a separate LiveJournal and post to the game.

7. There will undoubtedly be sex, and lots of it (and I'm all for that!), but I want to emphasize that this is a plot-driven game. I care more about the story and how it's going to evolve; this isn't a random shagfest, so please just keep that in mind and try to play realistically. Pairing off happens, but is it soul mates after hooking up twice? Not likely, and it comes off as unrealistic when it's played that way, which it all too frequently is. Excessive schmoop will look as out of place here as slapstick.